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HOC Digital are independent suppliers of multi functional
devices, document and print management solutions and networking and IT services.
We have over 24 years
experience in the market.
HOC Digital Limited, Unit 2 Ability Towers, Central Street, London EC1V 8AX
Telephone: (Main) 020 7553 7880 (Service) 020 7251 0461 Fax: 020 7250 1876
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About HOC Digital.
HOC Digital offers a full range of services to its customers.
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Case studies.
Our case studies show how HOC Digital works with it’s customers to improve business performance.
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Equipment & services.
The details of the services that HOC Digital offers to it's customers.
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Free MFDs For Schools.
Your school could benefit now without the need to employ its capital expenditure budget.
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Print audit and user profiles.
We can help with detailed user needs profiles and with organisation wide print audits.
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Our environmental policy.
HOC Digital is committed to minimising its environmental impact.
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